Amazing Homoeopathy

  • According to WHO,Homoeopathy is
    world's second leading system of
    medicines for primary health care.

  • All Homoeopathy medicines are FDA
    approved drugs.

  • Homoeopathy medicines are proved
    and experimented on healthy people
    not on animals.

  • The english Royal family has been
    under homoeopathy care since

  • As per Independent Qualitative
    survey homoeopathy is emerging as
    fruit and preffered treatment for
    more and more people.

  • Homoeopathy and allopathy can co-
    exist.Homoeopathy medicine can be
    consumed as you gradually go away
    from Allopathy.

Dr.Dixit's SuperSpeciality Homoeopathy

The clinic is absolutely simple with a basic concept to cater people of all fields and all aspects. Main aim is to be clear and true to all our patients and to explain as to what they are suffering and to what aspect can we help them.

We cater patients of all diseases be it hair, skin, males, child, old age,Female Problem, Infertility, Psycological cases, & Sexual Issues etc. Our motto is to give Homoeopathy in a simplest way.

“Think Homoeopathy, Think Dr.Dixit's”

We have Number of clients from all works of life be it corporate sector, medical sector, embassy, teaching etc. Our future plan lies in our patient’s satisfaction .We sees our growth in their cure, and that what decides our success. If our patients is cured and satisfied we are done with our motto.

**** “Rated Customer Satisfaction”

Also cure mental diseases like Depression,Sleeplessness,Anxiety etc.


Had severe falling of hairs approching to baldness.Thanks to Dr. Divya Dixit superspeciality for helping me regair my hair.Superb work done,excellent approach. Wish  Dr.Dixit clinic best of luck for future.

Nitin Sharma
Head PR

I had severe dandruff.Had tried many treatmants and oils availabale in the market,and at last got the treatment from Dr.Dixit. Now I am completely cured

Radhika Verma

I had Psorialis for last 10 years.Took allopatric treatments ,their was not much change and then many homoeopathy treatment.Finally came to Dr.Dixit's clinic .A warm hearted Doctor with a great experience .I am now 90% cure and would continue treatment till I am fully cured.

Sunita Singh

Fantastic treatment with a very scientific approach. Thank You Doctor.

Pranjal Sharma

Homoeopathy result oriented,leen and experienced for the first time in my life.Keep it up Dr. Dixit.

Prof. A.K. Pradha

Had Allergic Rhinites wasmisdiagonosed and treated by other doctors.Come to Dr.Dixit and was surprised to see her mordern approach and her modern concept in homoeopathy.Now I am completely cured since 7 months.Thank You Doctor for curing me .

Rajiv Nigam

Had a Lump in my left breast since 2 years fearing which I started treatment homoeopatric from 1 year,by some homoeopathic their was no change and then I finally came to Dr.Dixit's clinic where Dr. Divya not only investigated me but infact in 3 months time ,the size of the Lump reduced drastically and is still progressing .I would request all new patients to kindly visit clinic once.Excellent Doctor with an excellent knowledge and appraoch.Thank You helping me .

Smita Shrotriya
Call Center Executive

Had Scar endometriosis since last 2 years.Took allopatric treatments for severe abdomain pain and heaviness which is a symptoms of this disease.Finally I came to Dr. Dixit's where I am half cured  and my pain is completely gone,wish I could have taken treatment fron here earlier .Thank's Dr. Divya .Thank You Dr. Dixit's clinic for curing me .

Ritu Aneja

Nalini Sachdeva